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Specializing in Pediatric Speech and Language Development, Assessment, Treatment and Parent Education

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Our mission is to partner with families, offering treatment that is
Effective, Convenient, Collaborative...and Fun!
We offer in-home and community sessions in the Driftwood and Dripping Springs areas, as well as tele-therapy sessions for the entire GREAT STATE of TEXAS. We are committed to your child's progress as well as the overall health and safety of your family. This makes us TRUE to YOU...true to your needs and those of your child.


We provide complimentary phone consultations for all new families. We will discuss any questions, concerns, and schedule a speech and language assessment if needed.  

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Speech and Language Screenings give us valuable insight into whether a complete or partial assessment is needed. These are generally provided in preschool and daycare settings. 

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We offer assessments for Oral Motor Skills, Articulation, Phonology and Language. A complete assessment determines areas of strength and need in all skill categories. 

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In-Home Therapy

Convenient, effective, and FUN therapy sessions! We will determine whether this is an appropriate service delivery model for your family based on various factors.  

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We'd love to chat with you about this online option. This has become a common service delivery model especially considering the new challenges we face during COVID-19. 

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Community Therapy

If you'd like, we will go to your child's daycare or preschool to provide services. We make it a habit to let you know how sessions are going as well as activities to do at home.

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