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Our Services 
We are committed to providing the highest quality services to children and their families through individualized evaluation and treatment planning. We help children use effective communication in their natural environments to increase their confidence and overall quality of life. Along with any service, we teach family members and caregivers how to help their children reach goals at home and in the community. As a parent/family member you are an integral part of your kiddo's treatment plan! 
COMPLIMENTARY Phone Consultation: A FREE service for the purpose of Q and A, parent/caregiver education and discussion about services, as well as initial exchange of relevant client information. 


Ask us about our Speech and Language Screenings! These are generally used in the daycare and preschool settings to determine whether or not a child needs further evaluation, related to speech sound production, language skills, or otherwise. We are advocates of early intervention and helping kids along with their development as best we can. 


Speech and Language Assessments allow us to get to know your child and determine their strengths and challenges as related to their communication in the home and community environments. Depending on what your concerns are in terms of your child's speech and language skills, we will evaluate aspects such as speech articulation / speech sound production, language comprehension and language expression. 


Speech and Language Therapy Sessions are generally completed in your family's home environment and/or your child's daycare / preschool setting. These home and community environments allow us to teach new skills, while including family members and caregivers in our treatment. 

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