Our Services 
We are committed to providing the highest quality services to children and their families through individualized evaluation and treatment planning. We help children use effective communication in their natural environments to increase their confidence and overall quality of life. Along with any service, we teach family members and caregivers how to help their children reach goals at home and in the community. As a parent/family member you are an integral part of your kiddo's treatment plan! 
COMPLIMENTARY Phone Consultation: A FREE service for the purpose of Q and A, parent/caregiver education and discussion about services, as well as initial exchange of relevant client information. 


Ask us about our Speech and Language Screenings! These are generally used in the daycare and preschool settings to determine whether or not a child needs further evaluation, related to speech sound production, language skills, or otherwise. We are advocates of early intervention and helping kids along with their development as best we can. 


1. Complete/Comprehensive Assessment 

  • Speech Assessment (Oral Motor Skills- strength and range of motion of oral structures for the purpose of functional speech, Articulation- speech sounds, Phonological- speech sound system, and/or Stuttering/Fluency Evaluation) PLUS...

  • Language Assessment (Receptive Language- comprehension of language, Expressive Language- production/use of language). 

  • Whether we schedule a complete assessment, including all areas above, or just a specific AREA of assessment, we'll determine whether a child may benefit from private speech and/or language therapy in areas of concern. If your child has participated in a recent assessment through a school district, early intervention program, another private setting, etc. and/or has an active IEP from your school district, we'll be happy to review these documents and consider whether the evaluation is appropriate to use for our treatment plan development. If so, we can begin therapy more quickly!

​2. Speech Only Assessment 


  • Oral Motor Skills Evaluation, Articulation, Phonological, and/or Stuttering Evaluation 

​3. Language Only Assessment 


  • Receptive and Expressive Evaluation 


​1. In-Home (Client/Family Home) or community setting (Daycare, Preschool, Etc.)

Private therapy session (30 minutes)

2. Tele-therapy (Online) 

Private therapy session (30 minutes)



(Regarding Assessments):

If your child has had a speech and language assessment completed in the past 6 months to one year, (relatively recent) and/or has an active IEP through a school district (and the information remains relevant), we can begin therapy on the fast track (without the Comprehensive Assessment listed above)!

Payment Information: 

At this time, True to You Speech Therapy LLC accepts private/patient pay for services AND WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING CIGNA INSURANCE PLANS! We cannot guarantee that insurance will pay for services, however we are happy to submit claims to Cigna on your behalf should Cigna approve our requests for Evaluation/Treatment sessions. Should your insurance plan deny our claims, you will be responsible for payment of any services agreed upon and rendered prior to insurance reimbursement. Accepted payment methods include debit/credit card, and FSA/HSA card. Clients/families are responsible for this payment at the time services are rendered, or as agreed upon between you, the client, and True to You Speech Therapy LLC. 

Cancellations and Absences: 

We do appreciate notification as soon as possible if you must cancel a scheduled session (24 hours in advance if at all possible). When given appropriate notice, we will be happy to re-schedule with you. Also, we do understand that there are circumstances (your child begins showing signs/symptoms of illness, family emergencies, etc.), which may require a need to cancel on the same day as your scheduled session. You will not be charged if such a circumstance arises and you are unable to give 24 hours notice. Should you miss a session (no show) at your child's regularly scheduled time, without providing notice, on more than one occasion, you will be charged the full amount for any "no shows" going forward.